Pajaro River Bridge Mural

This mural was prompted by the idea that we could create an interesting and inspiring art piece on an otherwise ordinary structure. Inspired by the return of spawning Steelhead Salmon to the formerly polluted Pajaro River, the mural features 75 colorful fish making their way up the deep blue river. The 575 foot long mural celebrates a significant environmental success in a most artistic way. 

The mural was conceived and designed by a team of AHA artists who led community volunteers in painting the fish. Terra Cultura, another local non-profit, provided community organizing and a generous amount of painting. Anzar High School art students painted the first twelve fish with local residents following their lead. Funding came in part from people who wished to dedicate a fish, some of whom were also painters. The names of the persons to whom fish are dedicated are included as part of the mural. The “Welcome To Aromas” sign at the south end of the bridge expresses our greeting to visitors as well as residents returning home from work.


Joyce Oroz, Linda Bjornson, Jessica Wohlander, Rachel Wohlander, Cindy Couling, David Stowell, and a multitude of community members


San Benito County Arts Council, Terra Cultura, Aromas Hills Artisans, Aromas Eagles, Michelle Noble-McCain, and many community members