Big Fish in a Small Town

The Aromas Eagles approached the Aromas Hills Artisans about the possibility of creating a public art piece for the Aromas Town Square Park.

AHA member Tina Baine found inspiration on a trip to South Korea. In Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, she saw a wonderful giant fish made up of hundreds of smaller fish, as if they were scales of the larger fish. The little fish were each hand-painted by artists and residents of the village. Tina thought a similar project might give Aromas residents the opportunity to create a large piece of public artwork for our town park.

In November 2014, AHA began to offer fish-painting at community venues such as AHA’s Holiday Art Festival, the Aromas Grange Breakfast, the Aromas School, and Anzar High School. Some folks created their own fish at home gatherings for the project. The Big Fish is a welcome addition to our Town Square Park!


Tina Baine, Linda Bjornson, Aromas Hills Artisans members, and members of the community


Aromas Hills Artisans, Tina Baine, Steve Johnson, Avery Laurin, John Fitzpatrick, Cindy Slade