Meet the Artists of AHA

Shelly Trabucco

  • Handcrafted gourds, succulent arrangements
  • Confession: Creativity comes easy for me. It seems like I’ve always decorated my life with art. Starting with drawing when I was young, I’ve used various media and methods over the years. Although I enjoy watercolor, I prefer three dimensional pieces. Beginning with an idea, usually inspired by nature, I just see where it takes me. Some of my best creations have come from changes made when things didn’t go as planned.
    Making things that combine my love for plants is what really helps my soul and mental wellbeing. I think something that includes a living plant, makes it even more beautiful. Succulents are my plant of choice because they are easy to grow in just about anything. Using salvaged items is especially satisfying, and I like use lots of different natural materials.
    Handcrafted gourds have become my latest obsession. The process is time consuming. Harvested gourds dry for a year before soaking to remove the skin. Cutting and cleaning out is followed by dye and embellishments, including pine needle trim and beads, etc.