Meet the Artists of AHA

Linda Bjornson

  • stained glass, watercolor painting
  • My name is Linda Bjornson and I love my work as a professional stained glass artist. The amazing variety of colors and textures available in stained glass give me a wonderful palette to work with. Since I was an art major in college, drawing my own designs has always been part of the process of creating a window for me. After a design is created then comes the fun part! Choosing the glass that will give the color, texture, translucence, and movement to make the design come alive. I started my career in 1979 and am now semi-retired. So much beautiful glass, so little time!
    A few years back I was wanting to try my hand at watercolor painting. Something I had never done before. But I was put off by the thought of putting brush to an expensive piece of watercolor paper. I was sure I would ruin it. Then I discovered watercolor journaling. The smaller format and the fact I could close the cover and not show my painting unless I wanted to, were big selling points for me. As time has gone on the compact size has made it more portable and I have enjoyed taking it with me and painting on trips and around this beautiful area.