Meet the Artists of AHA

Leslie Rootsaert

  • sea glass art and stained glass
  • After finding sea glass one day at the beach in Capitola, I began my collection of sea glass and crafting things as gifts and eventually to sell, and just a few stained glass classes later, I was making stained glass. I am best inspired by sitting down and just creating something. I enjoy mixing the sea glass, shells, metal, and china all with the stained glass. I prefer to create things, and hopefully they are liked and enjoyed by others.. I relish using all the blues and greens of glass like the colors of the ocean. My inspiration comes from finding a beautiful piece of sea glass at the beach and saving it for a future piece of stained glass. As an artist, I want to create pieces that speak to me and others about the beauty of sea glass and the colors of stained glass. My pieces will also often tell a story about where they were collected from. My love of dogs has also inspired the many dog paws I create! You can find me at the beach, walking the dogs, or in the studio!

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