Meet the Artists of AHA

Joyce Oroz

  • murals, mystery novels, paint parties
  • In a natural progression, Joyce Oroz moved from painting portraits on canvas to lavishing color and form onto indoor and outdoor walls, realistic and mystic illu-sion being her specialty. Murals became her business and her obsession. Most of her murals were painted using acrylic paint, and oils when necessary. After twenty-eight years of completing hundreds of mural projects from Tahoe to Monterey, and San Francisco to San Diego, Oroz never lost her love of painting.
    Being young and strong finally gave in to needing a gentler outlet for Joyce’s crea-tivity, thus, the Josephine Stuart Mystery Series was born. The series was designed to be entertaining and instructive. Every one of Ms. Oroz’s dozen books is a com-plete adventure story. Josephine is fascinated with unusual and mysterious murders that happen in the small coastal towns of California. She solves the mysteries through unorthodox and adventurous means, while working on various mural pro-jects for a living.

    Since mural painting is still in Ms. Oroz’s blood, she paints one mural a year in collaboration with the Aromas Hills Artisans.
    All twelve of her books are available on Amazon and Kindle, just type “Joyce Oroz” and see a full display.

    Secure the Ranch, Read My Lipstick, Shaking In Her Flip Flops, Beetles in the Boxcar, Cuckoo Clock Caper, Roller Rubout, Scent of a $windle, Who Murdered Mary Christmas?, Pushing Up Daisy, Hill Street Clues, Dead on a Rifle, Lost & Bound, Gone with the Winfield, Beyond the Seize, plus three children’s books and two non-fiction.

    Joyce enjoys all aspects of giving paint parties, which include non-stop instruction. To book a party call (831) 726-9923, or email,