Meet the Artists of AHA

Goretti Carvalho

  • painting
  • Inspiration is everywhere around me. Beauty is found so often in nature, drawing me in through its diversity of landscapes, people, water and wildlife. I marry those inspirations to my experiences/ memories to create a story: my artwork. I am versed in several mediums such as oils, watercolors, acrylics, etc. Although my imagination runs wild when creating my art pieces, I find that acrylics are my go-to as I have more control in the outcome although my passion is oil. Oil is a longer process (i.e. dry time) in that it allows for a different creative and somewhat therapeutic process. That process transcends inspiration to a feeling. I express my art through not just paint but in music. Both begin with inspiration and are taken over by emotion. Art is my platform to share my experiences, memories, travels in a platform. No words are required but you are left with a feeling.... Art is my life.