Meet the Artists of AHA

Gayle Sleznick

  • watercolor, plein air painting, teaching, decorating
  • The impressionists were the first to leave the dictates of the king and priests and traditions held by the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, by going outside to paint in their own style and visions within their personal world. They changed the course of art. They changed mine. Watercolors became my passion and the Impressionists gave me the freedom to be creative in method, design and individual perceptions because they had already broken the rules. I followed their example. For over 40 years I have been by going outside, observing, reflecting and continuously learning as I put paint on paper with a brush.

    Artists are the observers of our time and define a culture. Art is a visual language understood universally. Fine arts and crafts define a culture. Art gives a community soul. I like being a part of the visual vocabulary that challenges me each time I paint, hoping I come up with a successful message about the day. Art not only gives a community soul, it also humbles me.

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