Meet the Artists of AHA

Claudia Harden

  • Ukranian eggs, stained glass, fiber art
  • In 1985 I was introduced to this art by an 80 year old Ukrainian lady who visited my class of 6th grade students as part of our curriculum unit about the former USSR. She immigrated to the US in 1945 after she was released from a concentration camp in which all of her family had died. As soon as she was settled in her new country the first thing she did was to make a decorated egg in the Ukrainian tradition. She brought that 40 year old egg with her to show us the design of broken branches covering the whole surface of the shell. The powerful symbolism of this object drew me in and I felt an immediate affinity to this traditional art. Since then I have enjoyed creating my own interpretations of color and design using the most simple and elegant symbols of life, eggs. I use all kinds of eggs, from tiny dove eggs, to chicken, duck, goose, and huge ostrich eggs. I enjoy collaborating on custom designs for special gifts and teaching classes in my home studio for small groups. Email me at or call 831-227-1470 for more information.

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