Meet the Artists of AHA

Barb Scoles

  • wood carving
  • I began carving over 20 years ago and have my work in many states and even other countries. I have won awards and been published in several magazines. I chose to carve Santa because I could never find one that I wanted. I love the Old World style with a long gown, but most didn't have the sweet face and beautiful beard I wanted. So, I took classes to learn how to carve in the round and began creating my own Santas. I use either Bass wood or Butternut and paint in acrylic. I choose a theme and usually it speaks to someone.

    Lately I've been doing custom pieces as well and it gives me great joy. The customer tells me all about the things that they love and I get to create their Santa using that information. I prefer to use a single piece of wood, relief carving their dog or cat or otter into the gown. Plus, he will be bringing a special gift. I just finished a wonderfully fun piece with a theater theme. Since my focus in college was costume design and my favorite musical is Man Of La Mancha, I really loved this one. My favorite compliment is "We never put Santa away, he is out all year long. "
    I am working on getting my website up again: You can see more of my Santas at Then go to “carving” and then my name: Barbara Scoles. I look forward to finding out what you want Santa to bring you.