Meet the Artists of AHA

Andrea McCann

  • relief prints, painting, graphic design
  • I work in several mediums: graphite, pastel, relief woodblock printmaking, watercolor, relief painting, and jewelry—and am constantly experimenting with more! The wonderful wild and domestic animals living with me on my hobby farm (including emus, miniature donkeys, horses, a peacock and an alpaca) inspire my work. As an amateur anthrozoologist (the study of the relationship between people and animals) and avid student of animal training theories and techniques, nature conservation, ethical training, and science also influence my art. For example, using positive-reinforcement (neither pressure nor aversive) training techniques, I persuade my Bureau of Land Management mustang gelding, Casino, to serve as a canvas for drawing and painting. He stands calmly, without being tied, while I use media such as clay slurry or an egg-yolk and food-grade activated-charcoal mixture to paint patterns on his body.