Meet the Artists of AHA

Barb Frances

  • Hand sewing and quilting
  • Lazy Dog Designs is a small, vegan, woman-owned business on the Central California coast. It was started because I love traditional hand-sewing, going to the beach, and being with my dog.

    Designing and hand sewing quilts, pillows, and wall hangings bring nature into my home and studio. Since I'm a "tree-hugger" and believe that it is important to protect our environment, I use only Earth-friendly materials for my products. Hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and soy fabrics offer sustainable benefits as well as the desired feel and texture. To complement the fabrics, I also use bamboo or organic cotton batting, as well as sustainable kapok or organic cotton for the pillow inserts. The buttons are made from coconut shell, bamboo, metal, or ceramic hand-painted from South Africa.

    To make it easier to taste samples at the farmer's market, I designed my hands-free farmers' market bag. Later, I also added other sizes for travel, moms, or everyday use. These are also made only in hemp fabrics, with coconut, bamboo, or metal buttons.

    And to stay warm and toasty on those cool, foggy mornings at the beach, I started making ponchos of a hemp/organic cotton sweatshirt fleece. All of the ponchos are pre-laundered and pre-shrunk, and some of them are garment dyed. Check out the poncho page for more information.

    All Lazy Dog Designs creations are inspired by Nature. Every product that I sell, I have made in my studio, starting with design, cutting, stitching (hand and machine) to marketing, packaging, and running events, while sweet Kai, my lazy dog, wanders into the studio for homemade cookies!