Meet the Artists of AHA

Jane Rekedal

  • pottery & ceramic sculpture
  • Clay is my medium; functional pots and, increasingly, sculpture, are the tangible expressions of my artistic vision. I get satisfaction in making pots to be used, recognizing that daily use creates a bond between maker and user. I also love the challenges that sculpture presents, including scale, structural limitations, surface, firing, and installation.

    Melding sculptural form with functional design has been and will always be my pursuit, resulting in endless new pathways. I like to work in a series to develop the ideas, refining and testing until I am satisfied that the exploration is complete.

    I continue to examine various aspects of nature in my work. Plant forms and animal imagery embellish my pots. I have a forest of ceramic birch trees currently in my studio, and I am putting birds of every sort onto their branches. Some of these will be garden sculptures and some will gracefully hold a bouquet of flowers on a dining table.

    Making pottery and sculpture is about making connections. I connect my mind, heart, and hand with clay, and in turn, others use and interact with my pieces- thus, connecting maker and user. It is the human bond that we all seek, and by expressing my view of the world through my ceramics, I hope others will engage with me and my world.